Considering Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

Ever since the announcement of the guy that earned One Million Naira from Konga Affiliate Program, a lot of people are signing up as Konga and Jumia Affiliate just to earn millions what Konga refused to tell us all is how the guy put extra efforts in achieving such result.

Affiliate Marketing is not an overnight money making formula and with the rate at which Konga and Jumia is treating their affiliates now, it’s now making it to look frustrating when your commissions are still pending for weeks. Although, if you are patient you will enjoy Affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is one the major ways bloggers are generating incomes but most bloggers still don’t believe focusing on it alone can give them even a better result than mixing everything up. Imagine a blog that is basically set up promoting products from Konga, Jumia, Dealdey and others, which is receiving reasonable traffics of about 50,000 weekly page views with the help of Facebook Advertisement and Search Engine Optimization. Such a blog will be making sales huge sales per day because the visitors are potential buyers, if I don’t like the product advertised I won’t click and I won’t even search for products that i’m not interested in.

With upto 9% commissions on every sales recorded through you and 30 days cookies expiring date which means you will be receiving commissions on every sales received through you by everyone that visit Konga, Jumia online stores through your affiliate link for a whole 30 days.

You are not limited to any category, I mean outside the category you are promoting, you will still receive commissions for other categories if any of your visitors purchase from there.

If you are able to set this kind of blog which is not hard to set up, I can assure you success in affiliate marketing.

Tips on How To Set Up a Blog For Affiliate Marketing:

1. CHOOSE A SIMPLE LAYOUT: You don’t need much design for such a blog but a simple one with easy navigation.
You are not setting up a blog for entertainment so, simple design is OK.

2. CHOOSE A BETTER BLOGGING PLATFORM: both Blogger and WordPress blogging platforms are good but you need to choose one that seems OK to you.

Blogger is good because of the Search Engine Optimization. Most People depend on their on research by searching for product reviews, features, specifications and any other related things to their interested products. Blogger has a proper indexing for search engines but miss it with plugins that are required for Affiliate Marketing.

WordPress is better because if you know basics about SEO, you can compete with blogger’s blogs and with plugins like “Affiliate Link Protector” that you can make use of if you want to protect your affiliate link parameters from damaging.

Some Nigerians will go as far as to clear your affiliate parameters before visiting the link so as for you not to earn anything through them. This is bad but its a typical Nigerian Mentality.

Although you can protect your parameters by making use of ‘direct link‘ feature available for Konga Affiliates which enables you to use products direct links without attaching your parameters and still having your sales recorded but using the plugin is much more better.

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3. REVIEW MORE PRODUCTS AND PROMOS: keep writing reviews everyday, by mere checking of product pictures, features and descriptions, you can quickly review such but going in depth is much more reliable, like; hands-on review.
You will be receiving promotional emails, update your visitors on promos that are going on per time.

4. USE BOTH BUTTON AND TEXT LINK FOR “BUY NOW”: Visitors can’t be blind to both, maximize your chances by having upto 3 ” Buy Now” text links and two buttons in strategical places.

5. PROMOTE YOUR REVIEWS: Facebook Advertisement is cheap. Imagine boosting a review post with 2$ per day, the post will reach a lot of people and it will generates around 1k to 4k clicks to your post if well targeted.
Let say 2% out of them make purchases within 30 days of first click. 2% of 1000 is 20, that means you have generated 20 sales with 2$. You can spend more based on your budget.

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Conclusion: Well, this is just my own point of view. You can also combine this with other means of making money blogging if earnings are not impressive.

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