What Is In Your Mind During Your Golf Swing?

Every player has thoughts going through their mind when they are swinging a club , and when first starting out it is normally “keep your head still ” of “turn your belt buckle towards the target “. These swing thoughts that we use with such confidence on the practice range are great to make you work on a particular part of your swing. But do they benefit you on the course when you are trying to achieve the perfect golf swing?

I truly believe that when you are playing golf on the course competitively you really should not be thinking about the mechanics of your swing technique . What you want is rythm and you will not get that if you are thinking spike less golf shoes are underrated about the mechanics of your swing. A good idea on the course when you are about to swing a club is to visualise the ball soaring through the air and see it landing right where you planned it . Keep this mental picture in your mind whilst taking every shot .

For a lot of golfers it is very hard not to have any thoughts during their round of golf , and if that is you, you must keep it simple. Having the right footwear can also aid in your swing.

Make sure it is not linked to a particular part of your swing – if you start thinking about your stance or your takeaway , you are setting yourself up for a bad shot . Think about the rhythm and tempo of your swing . Ernie Els swing thought is ‘low and slow’.

You always see professional golfers take a few practice swings before hitting a shot . This is also a good idea for amateurs as it gives you a good feel for the shot. When you go to actually take the shot you can focus attention on this feeling.

It does not take a very long time to complete your swing , but during this time it is surprising how many thoughts you can have going through your head . Make sure you get into a routine of having either a visualisation of the shot or a simple swing feeling when taking your shot and this can make such an improvement to your game .

Everybody wants a dependable swing that we can rely on and if you get these simple swing thoughts into your head you will find your shots a lot more consistent. Save your mechanical thoughts for the golf swing drills you practice at the driving range when you only need to focus on a one area of your swing.

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